Is your service precisely and profitably targeted?

Take advantage of our synergy potentials!

The potential lying in service

After-sales service offers unique customer retention opportunities. Only customers that are satisfied will become regulars and recommend your business to others. Efficient after-sales structures deliver key competitive advantages. Another advantage: good processes are not as easy to copy as the products themselves, but they promote customer satisfaction and loyalty.

This is where your greatest opportunities lie:

Higher profits
Optimal spare parts logistics is really profitable. The margins on the sale of spare parts are usually considerably higher than the sale of the primary product.

Focus on customer benefits
After-sales service paves the path for customer loyalty and plays a central role in assessing the total cost of ownership.

Communicating the benefits of after-sales service
After-sales processes with efficient structures provide distinct competitive advantages. It is important that after-sales services are properly reflected in your company’s communications.

Increased market share
Despite good demand for after-market parts, the market share for OEM parts is often significantly lower than that for the manufacturers’ primary products. Third-party suppliers profit from their focus on these after-market sales. This is profit given away.

Greater use of used parts
Remanufacturing and recycling parts that have been collected, sorted and refurbished result in potentials all too little used by most companies.

Intelligent optimization
Classic methods don’t work in after-sales service and attempts to optimize existing processes quickly reach their limits. Keeping a consistent focus on specific service needs can lead to a quantum leap forward.

Benefit from potential synergies
Developing and implementing multi-user concepts and appropriate tools can lead to higher performance and efficiency at a lower cost. Too few companies use these synergies in their after-sales business.

Continuous development
A direct, continuous feedback from practical experience gained in after-sales service is essential for the successful further development of your product.