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Services offered

PMK supports all of the processes and functions essential for a successful service business. Together we will develop individual solutions that ensure maximum efficiency. For manufacturers and users of machinery and equipment, we offer the following services:

Planning logistics

Service management
Targeted control of scheduled and emergency service calls. Provision of all necessary parts, components and tools.

Inventory management
The goal is to react dynamically to supply and demand to determine how many of which parts/components must be kept in each location to provide the level of customer service contracted or expected while keeping a lid on costs and excess inventory. The quality is judged by how well we can forecast your parts needs. We use mathematical and heuristic methods depending on the patterns of consumption we observe. We also create effective plans for the availability and procurement of the required parts/components. The first prerequisite for successful repairs is identifying the cause of the problem (troubleshooting). This is the only way that the repair can be targeted to fixing the actual cause. This means knowing which spare parts, tools, information, etc. are needed to repair the damage the first time.

Physical logistics

Storage and distribution of parts, components and tools for rapid, on-demand supply to where they are needed.

Collection and delivery of customer equipment for repairs in central workshops.

Order processing

Providing upstream support
in identifying problems and tasks >> identifying causes >> determining the best measures to take >> answering relevant questions such as:

  • Which approach will be the most successful?
  • What qualifications are needed?
  • Exchange or repair the components?
  • Which spare parts with which item numbers are needed?
  • Which tools and resources are needed?

Optimizing the order process
with continuous tracking and escalation management if a step in the process is not completed within the maximum time allotted.

Optimization of downstream areas:
managing returns of excess tools and spare parts. Order documentation and customer billing.

An overview of our services

Hereyou will find more informations about our support functions.