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Supportfunktionen für Ihr After Sales Business.

Spare parts support
Which parts are needed for which application? Which parts can be substituted with others?

Inventory planning
Which parts are stocked as spare parts? As an assembly or individual parts? We support standardisations (also retroactively) to help reduce the growth in the number of parts needed for service.

Knowledge management
Knowledge and knowledge transfer to others is an essentials element for success in service. Our approach: the use of a semantic knowledge network to transfer easily over the long term without lots of paperwork and other hassle.

Our goal is the optimal pricing of spare parts, based on a three-dimensional scoring model that evaluates competitiveness, supply price and the life cycle of a part/product. This targeted pricing can increase long-term profitability.

Web services
Our approaches to customer communication and online order processing follow the best practices in many areas. In the service area, online services can increase customer benefit while cutting process costs.

Training & coaching
In particular, service employees who interact with customers don't always have it easy: they need to adress customer complaints even though they did not cause them. On the other hand, they must also be able to report negative news to the customer in a way that is well received. PMK can teach your team specific methods for this kind of communication.

Market research
Analysis of the competitive position of your service and spare parts organisation (prices, speed, etc.). Analysis of customer satisfaction with service (their subjective perception vs. objective performance indicators) to identify your strengths and weaknesses and specific recommendations to improve your service.

Service strategy
How does your service organization need to position itself strategically to meet the current and future needs of customers optimally?

Flexible serivce packages
PMK will assume responsibility for any or all of the above processes and functions for a particular product range or all of your products. For a specific region or globally. Openly or as an integrated service provider not evident to the outside customer.

In each case, the following applies: We always work according to clear service level agreements to provide you with the utmost transparency.

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