Is your service precisely and profitably targeted?

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The Challenge: From cost factor to success factor.

Globalization is making the distances between customer and supplier much longer. At the same time, the increased variety of products and rise in customer demands are raising the requirements for service. Optimal spare parts service poses fundamentally different and much more complex demands on logistics processes than the supply of production materials. Service and spare parts logistics is thus constantly faced with many new, major challenges:

PMK offers customized solutions for the specific needs of the after-sales service industry. Solutions that provide higher performance at a lower cost.

our services include

  • strategy development
  • implementing appropriate tools and processes
  • providing your service and spare parts management on your behalf.

With our help, you can reduce the complexity of managing your after-sales service over the long term. And thanks to our multi-user approach, you also benefit from lucrative enterprise-wide synergies.