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Our custom consulting services

From strategy development and planning to operational support, we offer a wide range of consulting services. What sets us apart: We are not just consultants, but are also active providers of service and spare parts management, so we have our own operating experience and years of expertise.

The general goal of our consultancy services is to help you optimize costs and improve efficiency in all of your after-sales service and spare-parts management processes, tailored to your company’s specific requirements.

Our affordable starting offer

We are glad to offer you an audit of your overall service or any service processes you wish us to look at. This includes a thorough qualitative and quantitative assessment of all the processes that go into service (from customer enquiry to delivery of finished repair), including information and material flows.

Experience shows that an audit of your operating processes provides a good basis for identifying and implementing measures to solve current problems, improve performance and develop effective strategies for the future.

Our clients typical goals

  • Increase service revenues and profits
  • Increase service level
  • Optimize inventory controls
  • Reduce process overhead
  • Improvement process quality

As a result of the audit, you will receive:

  • a thorough assessment of your current situation with an analysis of your strengths and weaknesses
  • concrete recommendations for optimizing your service
  • a roadmap to realizing your goals

We will coordinate in detail the specific objectives with you before we begin our audit. Depending on the size of your company and the scope of the analysis, the audit will take 3-5 days. If you then hire us, we credit some or all of the audit fees.

Additional advantages of an audit are the chance to get to know each other and build mutual trust before making the larger commitment to a contract.

We can then use the audit results to make you a specific offer for a broader range of services. And as our client, you have the assurance that the audit results don’t remain just data on paper, but can be used to achieve our goals and commit to them.

Interim management

Temporary operational management of your entire service operation or parts of it, either full-time or part time, possibly in parallel with handling the restructuring and optimization of the corresponding unit in your company.

Your guarantee

It is our mission to provide all our clients significant and lasting added value. If you are not satisfied with the results of our work, we will not bill you.