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ILS Integrierte Logistik-Systeme GmbH has been actively providing holistic planning of integrated material flow and information flow systems since 1996. The focus is on enterprise-specific optimization of procurement and distribution processes with their transportation, warehousing and commisioning systems as well as plant maintenance and spare part logistics. Analytical and simulation methods and tools developed in collaboration with research institutes ensure the targeted development of the most economical solutions.

IMPERIAL Logistics International is a professional and reliable partner for worldwide flows of goods. Based on a tightly meshed presence and a broad portfolio, the Group headquartered in Duisburg offers holistic, industry-wide logistics solutions.

Info Tip
InfoTip develops and operates solutions to optimize service and service logistics processes and the organisation, management and processing of large amounts of data. With a focus on current, highly compatible systems, Info Tip solutions are used to create tranparent and efficient processes in any environment.

Institut für Technische Logistik
This institute, housed at the Technical University of Hamburg-Harburg, develops innovative solutions to complex logistical problems in various industries. The focus is on enterprise logistics, integrated factory planning, maintenance and spar parts logistics.

intelligent views
intelligent views gmbh are a leading vendor of semantic technology and develop k-infinity, the database that works in the same way people think. We offer development and knowledge engineering services based around k-infinity in order to assist our customer in getting the most out of their data.

Fieldbit provides an end-to-end, interactive field service collaboration platform for equipment manufacturers and users. Innovative software enables remote experts to send precise visual instructions to field technicians using real-time augmented reality, live video, messaging and voice.
With full support for smart glasses (as well as mobile devices), Fieldbit's platform enables enterprises to create, capture, and share knowledge across the entire organization.

PMK Beratung
Consultancy and interim management in production and logistics. PMK Beratung specializes in the developement and implemetation of solutions that are simple, fast and focused.

Remira LogoMate
LogoMate® is the trademarked name of the solution developed by Remira for computer-aided dispatching (automatic dynamic scheduling). Since 1997, it has been successfully used for accurate sales forecasts, scheduling and inventory optimization.

Si2 Partners
Our mission is to help our clients leverage services to achieve critical business objectives and improve their business. We do this through our skills, capabilities and expertise and strive to make a tangible contribution to their success. We seek to build long-term, stimulating and mutually beneficial relationships with our clients.