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PMK Service Parts Management

PMK Service Parts Management is a young company with far reaching experience and expertise in service parts management and spare parts logistics. We are focused on and specialized in all processes that are necessary for a successful after sales service. This includes the information flow as well as the physical material flow.

We guarantee you the availability of all necessary materials at the required time and place, and , of course, at a competitive rate.

Our service offer is geared towards the companies that want to strengthen their After Sales business, or that are currently experiencing problems in this area.

We operate fast and focused, and we use specific technology and planning tools. You will receive a customized solution that will considerable simplify your processes and that will meet your and that of your client's expectations in the best possible way.

Please make your choice: We can either optimize your service parts operation on-site, or you can use our specialized and proven infrastructure for an optimal fulfillment of your service parts management requirements.

What is service parts management?

  • Service parts management encompasses the integrated planning, design and management of all information and material flows related to after-sales service.
  • The decisive factor is the focused management of your service organization and ensuring the availability of all components and materials needed for successful repairs, maintenance or successful service at the right time in the right location at a competitive price.
  • Service parts management focuses on the big picture and the overall outcome: service parts management integrates everyone internally and externally involved in the process.

The importance of service parts management

  • Service parts management is a core competency of any company offering quality products and services.
  • Service parts management has in recent years transformed from what used to be a low-level business process into an important strategic factor for a company’s success that delivers great potential to differentiate your company from the competition because good processes are difficult to imitate.