Are you using the
full potential of your service?

Our opening pitch:
For optimal service management and profitable spare parts logistics.

We help you win - three times over.

With faster processes. Higher profits. Greater customer satisfaction.

With the right team, it’s very simple: Together we optimize your service processes and structures to help achieve higher service levels. At significantly lower costs.

In addition to customer-specific consulting, PMK, in its role as your service provider, assumes some or all of the functions of your service and spare parts management. The results are good for everyone: satisfied, loyal customers who come back and recommend you to others. And faster, better service that allows you to earn good money.

PMK. The specialists for service- & parts-management.

Our target group

  • manufacturers and users of machinery and equipment
  • companies providing after-sales customer support
  • companies who want to provide even better service

Your benefit

  • stronger performance in after-sales service
  • higher levels of service
  • lower process and inventory costs
  • increaded customer satisfaction

Our promise

  • better service at lower costs
  • simple and transparent processes
  • guaranteed levels of service

Our strategy: simple – fast – focused.

It’s better to avoid complexity in the first place rather than trying to put it under control. This is the only way high flexibility and consistently high process quality can be achieved.

The deciding factor when it comes to the after-sales business. Those who are fast can finish quicker and/or start later and still integrate any changes that come up. This increases your flexibility.

The prerequisite for generating high quality and reliability over the long haul. Focus is achieved by using specified tools and processes.